Master craftsman.
Wrought iron Art since 1655
Master craftsman.
Wrought iron Art since 1655
Masters of wrought iron since 1655

Wrought iron in the world

Alessandro Zanini‘s company deals with the design and production of wrought iron works, such as gates, balustrades, railings, decorative grilles for doors, furnishing accessories for companies and homes, taking inspiration from the styles of the most diverse eras and skilfully combining manual skill with Italian design. Since 1990 Alessandro’s workshop has been making and installing wrought iron works in Europe, Asia and Africa.

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From design to installation
Alessandro Zanini's documentary
The mallet of Pagnano d’Asolo – ‘Ulisse’ with Alberto Angela – 2016
Arca dei Talenti – Interview with Alessandro Zanini – 2015
Exhibition of wrought iron works – Ceneda - Vittorio Veneto - 2014