Master craftsman.
Wrought iron Art since 1655
Master craftsman.
Wrought iron Art since 1655

Founded in 1655

Wrought iron art between
tradition and contemporaneity

A prestigious villa, a renovated farmhouse and a house of great aesthetic impact
have their own characteristics highlighted by design details and fine materials.

Wrought iron works of art

Ancient knowledge,
modern charm

The wrought iron works, created by Alessandro Zanini,
are witness to the success and prestige of this material.

The forge where beauty is born

Where new and original creations
are always born

The continuous search for perfection, ingenuity and the desire to experiment new techniques,
the use of innovative systems led them to various parts of the world.

Custom-made projects

Alessandro Zanini, surveyor since 1983, realizes projects in wrought iron, transforming the creativity of the craftsman into unique and prestigious works, always satisfying the customer’s needs.

Wrought iron works of art

Alessandro Zanini’s workshop realizes traditional and modern objects of great value with an artistic approach that combines quality, functionality and beauty.

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What we do

Alessandro Zanini's workshop, located in Pederobba (TV), is specializes in handmade wrought iron works.

Masters of wrought iron since 1655

Our story

Situated in Pederobba, in the fascinating lands of Asolo, the workshop-laboratory of Alessandro Zanini, who’s the heir to a consolidated family heritage of knowledge in wrought iron working and artistic design, gives life to original and unique creations.

“I developed a passion for this work when I was young, watching my father while drawing sketches, mostly with chalk on the ground, and transforming them into real pieces of art. Here we are also lucky to be part of a territory rich in architectural and artisan history, which is important to find inspiration for the evolution of our business- says the master forger Alessandro Zanini”.

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